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Whether you are trading FOREX, CRYPTOCURRENCIES, STOCKS, INDICES or COMMODITIES, a chart is a chart. A long time ago, we got really tired of crooked, biased information. There is no need to pay for an absurdly expensive course if you know who and what to pay attention to.
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Monday chart analysis, Tuesday live trading session, and we’ll even share every trade we take, when we take it.
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The place you need to go to for videos, articles, books, and our very own written ‘bible’.
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As if all else wasn’t enough, you get to pick our founder’s brain during your monthly 1:1 coaching session.
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Jorge Moutinho, Trader

Jorge coached over 600 people and knows exactly how discipline and the right tools are the only features you need. This subscription service is what he believes to be the best and cheapest way of sharing his knowledge, experience and live actions.
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NBS Book - In Trading As In Life

In Trading As In Life

"The more I investigated about the different parts of our brain, the conscious and the unconscious mind, the awaken and the latent thoughts, the more I saw it in the same way as I have been looking at charts for years."

In Trading as In Life: this was the motto behind the book’s idea. After years looking at charts, the connection became obvious: Trading is much more than charts. It’s about discipline, resilience, patience and all of the characteristics that define us as human beings.

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THE Best Trading Coach I had during my time learning to trade. Highly recommended! Danny Johnson - 5*
I would highly recommend Jorge. The best trading mentor I had in my life. Very supportive and very friendly. Pulani Wije - 5*
Trading made simple! Really good coaching, and methods, my congrats to NBS. Telmo Guell - 4*