Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Trading like gambling?

Answer: No. While gambling is just a series of random bets that always favor the ‘House’, Trading comprises a series of very specific and study based investments, and (unlike common knowledge) does not represent a risk above any other sort of market. Trading is just a part of the Economy that, because of its volume and consequent liquidity, allows you to easily control the risk implied. Trading allows you to define the exact entry and exit points even before the order is activated so it is up to you to decide and limit the risk.


Q: What is NBStraders’ mission?

A: Our mission is to give people a chance to become a successful professional trader for as long as they are disciplined and stay motivated.


Q: How can I sign up for the subscription service?

A: Online at www.nbstraders.com . All the contents are available on our website and we only have one product that includes all our services.


Q: After this training, am I a trader?

A: Obviously depending on how much time you spent on it, and how long you follow our information. Within a reasonable amount of time, Yes. As we share the strategies that we apply on our own accounts, our students will have what we consider to be the relevant information to actually act on the market with the needed knowledge and confidence. If you are therefore a trader or not depends fully on your discipline and your willpower to continue to do it accordingly.


Q: How are the Coaching Sessions?

A: Coaching sessions consist of a 30 min. remote discussion between the student and a trader during which the student will be able to:

  • ask all the questions;
  • analyse the market behaviour;
  • check all the trades taken or that you are thinking about.


Q: What are the Live Trade Alerts?

A: These are posted on the FaceBook Private NBS page. This way the trainee gets a real time alert containing the trading opportunities that our professionals are aware of. Thus every subscriber will know precisely what trades their trainers are thinking about placing.


Q: If trading is profitable, why are your Traders wasting time in teaching?

A: Our Traders also teach because:

  1. a) By addressing the principles of Trading over and over, our teachers actually become better Traders;
  2. b) Traders love to talk about Trading. And as you will learn, you should only talk about Trading with Traders (and Traders to be!);​
  3. c) Most of our teachers are EoD (end of day) Traders. This means that they only look at their charts later in the day when they will spend about 10 min. per day, at 10pm, Monday to Thursday. Thus, they have nothing else to do during the day, every day;
  4. d) Obviously, we will also make money that can be used to increase our Trading Accounts and take even better advantage from compound interests.


Q: Can a trainee swear, fool around during the sessions?

A: As long as it is suitable, funny and doesn’t disrespect other trainees, our traders or our hard work. Keeping that in mind, you are free and welcome to entertain us all!


For any other questions you want to see clarified, please contact us via email jmoutinho@nbstraders.com


Don't just take our word for it

THE Best Trading Coach I had during my time learning to trade. Highly recommended! Danny Johnson - 5*
I would highly recommend Jorge. The best trading mentor I had in my life. Very supportive and very friendly. Pulani Wije - 5*
Trading made simple! Really good coaching, and methods, my congrats to NBS. Telmo Guell - 4*