This will be your go to page during the week.

Monday Weekly Analysis

Every single Monday*, Jorge will now share his chart analysis.

He will show you what he believes to be the best opportunities for the week and post it on the NBStraders’ Facebook private group. Instead of spreading your attention amongst dozens of charts, focus on the ones that are real opportunities.

This is just one of the tasks a trader needs to do in order to maximize time and efficiency. And it only takes about ten minutes anyway!

* Apart from August, and the first and last 2 weeks of the year. Not because Jorge needs a break, but because these are historically shitty weeks to trade. Yes, we’re quoting him!

Tuesday Live Trading Sessions

Hear it from the horse’s mouth!

Every Tuesday at 9pm (GMT), Jorge will be live broadcasting his own trading ‘show’. During these pure entertainment moments (he didn’t want to put this in writing but it is!), he will analyze the charts, tell a few jokes, and, more importantly, place trades (if he finds them) and address all your questions.

These will be recorded so you don’t have to stress over it if there is something else going on in your life at the time. Although we know that after watching one of these, there will be nothing more important… Nothing!

Live Trade Alerts

There’s nothing quite like following the lead is there?

We have nothing to hide so we will also use our Facebook group to share every single trade we take. It is obviously up to you to decide if you should join or not.



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Don't just take our word for it

THE Best Trading Coach I had during my time learning to trade. Highly recommended! Danny Johnson - 5*
I would highly recommend Jorge. The best trading mentor I had in my life. Very supportive and very friendly. Pulani Wije - 5*
Trading made simple! Really good coaching, and methods, my congrats to NBS. Telmo Guell - 4*