Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction

1.1 NBStraders is incorporated under Portuguese law, dedicated to providing training via web and or online, on the foreign currency market and others.

1.2 NBStraders does not participate, either by itself or on behalf or in the interest of third parties, in the financial market. NBStraders is neither an investment adviser nor a broker.

1.3 NBStraders does not constitute any solicitation nor means to buy or sell futures, spot forex, cfds, options or any other financial product.


  1. Disclaimer

2.1 Any opinions, news, research, analysis, prices, strategies, comments or information provided by NBStraders, in whatever form of communication, is strictly subjective and should be taken as a general review of the market and does not constitute investment advice.

2.2 NBStraders reserves the right to amend, without previous notice, the content of the information provided through any of its forms of communication.

2.3 The information shared by NBStraders is generic and does not take into account the personal circumstances of its addressees (their risk profile, their financial situation, etc.).

2.4 The trainee should not make any investment or transaction based solely on information provided by NBStraders, whether made available on the NBStraders website, whether on Facebook pages or groups, whether emails, whether passed on verbally, in private training sessions, whether on the documents / handouts delivered or made available to the NBStraders trainees or any other third party.

2.5 NBStraders does not guarantee that the use of any strategy or information provided will produce any results (profits or losses) equal or similar to those available on the NBStraders website,  whether on Facebook pages or groups, whether emails, transmitted in training sessions, or in any documents / texts available to trainees or to any other third party.

2.6 Note that past performance of any trading system, like any methodology, are no guarantee of future results.

2.7 NBStraders neither assumes nor accepts any responsibility for any results (profits or losses, direct or indirect) investment(s) or operation(s) made using or based, in whole or in part, in any view, news, research, analysis, prices, strategy, comments or information provided by NBStraders or by its representatives, employees or collaborators, regardless the form of communication used.

2.8 NBStraders clarifies and informs that:

– The risk of investment losses in any electronic market, forex included, can be substantial;

– Forex contracts are complex financial products that involve or may involve: risk of partial or total loss of invested capital or losses that exceed the invested capital; pay unsecured; margin or additional disbursements from the investor; fees and additional charges payments As such, you should consider whether trading is the ideal investment tool for you regarding your circumstances and financial resources;

– Futures, options and spot currency trading may provide considerable gains, but involves risk-taking in the same proportion. You should not make any investment or transaction if you are not aware of the risks or if you are not willing to take them. Similarly, you should not trade using borrowed money or money you cannot afford to lose;

– Hypothetical results or simulated performances have limitations. Differently than in real trading, simulations do not represent actual results. Furthermore, as the trades have not been executed, the results may be over or sub offset by the impact of certain market factors, as lack of liquidity. Results based on simulations are also subject to the fact that they can be benefited by a factor of hindsight.

– Leverage in forex trading, futures and options can work both for and against you. You should know the risks of this type of investment and accept them in order to trade in these markets. Forex trading involves substantial risk and is not suitable for every investor.


  1. Training

3.1 NBStraders’ training and education can be online, via web or presential.

3.2   NBStraders provides its subscription service as described below:

By signing in, the trainee will benefit and or access the following products, services and or contents:

a.1) NBStraders will allow you access to:

(i) The Trading Manual via our website at www.nbstraders.com

(ii) Visualize/have access to the articles and videos available at our website www.nbstraders.com


(iii) Visualize/have access to the Facebook private group where the Monday Weekly Analysis and the Tuesday Live Sessions are posted. These videos and sessions are recorded on Facebook so the trainee can have access to them after the live session.

a.2) NBStraders will send you real time Live Trade Alerts via email regarding eventual trading opportunities or situations our professionals consider relevant or interesting, namely for training purposes.

a.3) NBStraders will provide you with Coaching Sessions, via skype or other similar software, in a previously agreed schedule between both parties. To check the availability and scheduling the sessions, the trainee must get in touch with our coaches through email jmoutinho@nbstraders.com or via skype’s address markesmoutinho. Every scheduled session will only be confirmed after confirmation by our traders.

a.4)  Coaching Sessions:

Coaching is composed by a monthly online session between a Trader coach and the trainee. In these sessions we will analyze the current situation in the Financial Market (while identifying potential trading opportunities) as we will review the trades taken by the trainee (the technical analysis supporting each trade, trade and trading account management).

Each session will take place via skype or other similar software, allowing video calls and the simultaneous visualization of both the trainee and the mentor screen.

1st booked session by a trainee will last for one hour while all the other sessions last 30 minutes.


  1. Signing in for the subscription service:

4.1 In order to sign in for the NBStraders subscription service, the trainee must do it online by going to the website www.nbstraders.com and completing all the steps.

4.2 After the 1st monthly or anual payment (depending on your chosen option) has been confirmed, the trainee will receive an email from NBStraders confirming the activation of the subscription service.

4.3 The access to NBStraders contents and services will be activated within a 48h term, counting from the moment of the confirmed payment.

4.4 All of the NBStraders contents will be available to the trainee for a period of one month, or one year (depending on your chosen option) after payment has been confirmed by NBStraders.


  1. Cancellation and reactivation policy:

5.1 NBStraders is entitled to deny and or cancel the access of the trainee to any contents or products associated with the subscribed service by the trainee if the latest does not punctually/on time pay the subscription fee or if NBStraders can’t confirm the payment.


5.2 To reactivate the service, the trainee/subscriber must reactivate the service on the website at www.nbstraders.com and send a payment confirmation via email to jmoutinho@nbstraders.com


  1. Cancellation by NBStraders

6.1 NBStraders is entitled to cancel the trainee’s subscription service if the trainee uses the website, online pages, or any other means to disrespect other trainee’s or NBStraders.


  1. Prohibition on sharing or disclosing NBStraders information, documents, password and or products, articles or videos

7.1 Any opinions, news, research, analysis, prices, strategy, comments or information provided in the NBStraders websites, transmitted in training sessions, or in any documents / texts available to trainees or any third party, were developed, produced and compiled by NBStraders.

7.2 NBStraders does not authorize the share, disclose, distribution, post, copy and or reproduction, by any means, total or partial, of any information rendered or made available by NBStraders, whether on its website www.nbstraders.com, transmitted in its educational sessions,  or included in any documents or texts made available and or distributed to the trainee.

7.3 The trainee can neither share nor disclose his /her password nor any of the NBStraders’ products, articles or videos to any third party.

7.4 The trainee will be held legally responsible for the breach of the provided in points 7.2 and or 7.3, and will have to indemnify NBStraders for any damages or losses directly or indirectly emerging from his/her actions.

7.5 NBStraders reserves itself the rights to (i) deny and or cancel the access by the trainee to the website www.nbstraders.com and or its password in case he/she is suspected of sharing or disclosing to any third person its password and or the NBStraders products, articles or videos; (ii) immediately exclude the trainee from any Programme he/she is taking/attending; and (iii) not accept the trainee into any of its Programmes.


  1. Technical difficulties in accessing the website www.nbstraderst.com and computer viruses

8.1 NBStraders shall not be held responsible for any technical difficulties and or for the technical impossibility of the trainee to access the website www.nbstraders.com or Facebook pages if such difficulties and or impossibility aren’t directly imputed to NBStraders.

8.2 NBStraders shall not be responsible for any computer viruses propagated or diffused with origin in the website www.nbstraders.com or from the NBStraders Facebook pages or any other online means.


  1. Changes to the General Terms and Conditions and or to the NBStraders’ Disclaimer

9.1 NBStraders reserves the right to, at all times, unilaterally change these General Terms and Conditions, and or the NBStraders Disclaimer.

9.2 The General Terms and Conditions in force at each time can be accessed and known by the trainee in the website www.nbstraders.com .


  1. Invalidity or ineffectiveness of the General Terms and Conditions

10.1 The eventual invalidity or ineffectiveness of any of the points provided in these General Terms and Conditions shall not affect the validity nor the effectiveness and enforceability of any of the remaining points, to which full compliance both NBStraders and the trainee are obliged.

10.2 In case of total or partial invalidity or ineffectiveness of any of the points provided in these General Terms and Conditions, NBStraders will be obliged to convert the invalid or ineffective point in another valid and effective point that allows the satisfaction of the same interests as the ones provided or satisfied by the invalid or ineffective point.


  1. Applicable Law

These General Terms and Conditions and the agreement to be entered into by and between NBStraders and the trainee shall be governed in accordance with Portuguese law.


  1. Jurisdiction

Any disputes arising from these General Terms and Conditions, and from the agreement to be entered into by and between NBStraders and the trainee, namely regarding its interpretation, integration, enforceability, compliance or breach, validity or invalidity shall be settled by the Courts of Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.

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